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Sarkari Naukri 2016

sarkari naukri 2016Although the global recession tends to seize millions of jobs in the private sector, the public and govt. sector appears to be largely unaffected. With the increase in unemployment, there is a sharp increase in demand for Sarkari Naukri/Government Jobs in 2016. In India, Sarkari Naukri is considered safe and popular. There are less number of private companies and opportunities in the private sector are a far less as compared to the public sector and Govt. sector. But in recent times, people are showing an inclination towards private jobs as compared to Sarkari Naukri. There is still a high demand for employees in various Government and Public sectors.

सरकारी नौकरी 2016

Choosing between the Government job and a Private Sector job is just a matter of preference depending upon your requirements and qualifications.

Most of the candidates who are applying for Government jobs are looking for consistency and security of life and a relaxed retirement as an advantage. Retirement Pension scheme is one of the main attractions of Govt. Jobs in 2016, as well as promotions and pay increases that are consistent and motivating. It is a misconception that People who are not very professionally ambitious are inclined towards government institutions. However, these days more and more candidates from private sectors are applying for Govt. Sector jobs in 2015-2016.

Job seekers sometimes believe that Govt. Job salary is less as compared to jobs offered in the Private Sector. However, the advantages of Govt. Jobs outweigh the quick bucks you can make in a private sector.

Getting a Government Job is not an easy task. You have to pass various exams (written and oral) and have to clear interviews to be eligible for a Sarkari Naukri 2016. Those who have recently graduated from Private institutions are not willing to wait that long to get a suitable job.

In Government Job career your raise in salary is not entirely linked to your performance. Private-sector jobs salary depends on the performance.

The common misconception about government jobs is that it is monotonous, while employment in the private sector is challenging and creative. However, private functions and provide opportunities for the growth of high even though it does not guarantee job security.

One reason for people to choose the private job is the increase in salaries as compared to Govt. Jobs. Corruption rate is low in Private sector as compared with the public sector. Private organizations provide better infrastructure and new technologies which are quite attractive. On the contrary, the policies and job security provided by government institutions are more appealing as one gets several securities, health benefits, and life insurance covers, etc.

Benefits of The Sarkari Naukri as Compared to Private Sector Jobs

sarkari naukriPrivate jobs require employees to work for long hours which demand hard work and stress. Emphasis on participation in daily job chores robs your health and reduces the time you get to spend with your family.

People are becoming aware of the importance of a secure job. On the one hand, the demand for Sarkari Naukri is on the rise and also the government is taking steps to create more jobs in the public sectors. If you are making your mind and wish to apply for Sarkari Naukri, you can get the relevant information from the website GJV, India and on the Internet as well.

And Sarkari Naukri, otherwise known as government jobs, are in great demand nowadays. Since there are a lot of vacant posts in various government sectors, and people are regularly hired to fill these jobs. There is a common belief among the Indian masses that government jobs are full of allowances and benefits in addition to an attractive salary scales. To secure a Govt. Jobs of your dream, you have to go through several rounds of tests and interviews to get a job.

Sarkari Naukri Recruitment in the Year 2016

The global economic downturn has left a negative impact on employment opportunities in Private Sector. It has laid off millions of workers in the Private Sector in the hope of reducing business costs. It was also freezing new hiring by many large companies as well as small, thereby leaving hundreds of graduates unemployed once they have completed their studies.

On the other hand, the government sector is mostly immune to the global recession. Sarkari Naukri is regularly published in newspapers, electronic media and Internet websites. Job seekers are now moving to more Government sector because there is a huge demand for skilled professionals in Govt. Sector.

Most of the time, people who are looking for Sarkari Naukri take life security, consistency in salaries and comfortable life in mind. Pension after retirement is one of the major attractions of the Govt. Job profession. Other benefits include promotions at the right time and the increase in salaries that would be consistent and steady.

Sarkari Naukri Jobs in India – 2016

Sarkari Naukri still holds enormous reputation in India in 2016. In the past few years, the private sector has generated a lot of employment opportunities in India. Whether it’s information and media technology, banking, education, pharmacy, financial, marketing, advertising or any other field, there are job opportunities in almost every field, and there is no need to mention that the private jobs offer a lot of money, and also come with tremendous growth opportunities. Despite all the advantages, the Government Job offers enormous benefits to those who are from SC, ST, OBC as well as Physically Handicapped categories. A person with Sarkari Naukri lives a comfortable and secure life as compared to the insecurities in Private Sector jobs.

After the recommendations of the sixth pay, all the salaries of government employees increased dramatically, due to which more and more people are getting attracted the government jobs.

Sarkari Naukri Vacancy 2016

sarkari jobs 2016Civil Services in India: the civil service is the most preferred jobs government jobs and state government in the country, conducted by the Public Service Commission of the Union (UPSC). Indian administrative services, foreign services, and police services India is the top most civil services. Apart from this, UPSC publish recruitment for Govt. jobs in Central and State Dept. There are various vacancies such as the Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA & AS), the Indian Department of Economic Development (IES), Foreign Service, Indian (IFS), Indian Postal Service, the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) – Income taxes and others.

And conducted / administrative, civil service of the state, the state police service, etc. Also by various bright public service to recruit candidates incandescent government jobs and positions of the various committees.

Govt Jobs in Banks: Every year, thousands of candidates apply for Probationary officer jobs in the Public sector. Public sector banks regularly advertised vacancies and conduct tests on both the level of India to recruit qualified candidates. Although the job comes with a lot of challenges, people are in dire need to for these jobs due to enormous opportunities for work and excellent bonuses.

Govt. Jobs in the Teaching Profession: Teaching is the most preferred Govt Job for both men and women. Limited hours of work, less work pressure, and a handsome salary and are some of the advantages that make this Teaching Job the most sought after profession.

Aside from these opportunities, there are other areas such as Finance sector, Trade, Railways, Law, etc. which provide lucrative job opportunities.

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